Driving Innovation, Rewarding Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of 5SCAPE, we prioritize and reward both developers and users, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

Developer Rewards for Excellence:

Embark on a journey of innovation and earn 5SCAPE tokens as a developer. Listing your model results as a subscription product not only contributes to the platform but also earns you 70% of the subscription payments.

Token Stability Mechanism: To ensure a balanced token value, the tokens earned are subject to a 30-day lock, providing stability and fair compensation for your valuable contributions.

User Incentives for Active Participation:

Engage with the 5SCAPE community by voting on the marketplace and participating in loyalty programs. Dive into revenue-sharing staking pools that stand out with dynamic returns, as liquidity is sourced from a percentage of platform deposits.

Access, Stake, and Earn: Users enjoy not only free access to our cutting-edge platform but also the opportunity to stake tokens, reaping the benefits of lucrative APY% in our carefully crafted staking pools. At 5SCAPE, your active participation is our priority, and we believe in rewarding your engagement.

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